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Women's cashmere jumpers & cardigans

The cashmere jumpers made by Zadig&Voltaire are revolutionary. They are not just warm, they are also key styles which, by themselves, can really make a look.

Discover Zadig&Voltaire’s cashmere jumpers. The brand has made this high-quality natural material its signature. In 2021, Zadig&Voltaire joined the Good Cashmere Standard. It is an independent standard that strives to develop a sustainable cashmere channel by improving the welfare of goats, the working conditions of farmers and the environment in which they live. The brand uses this natural raw material to make jumpers, cardigans, “jumper” T-shirts and the coats that it is renowned for. Zadig&Voltaire revolutionised cashmere when it created its iconic material: feather cashmere. It is made from thread developed specifically by Zadig&Voltaire, composed of long cashmere fibres chosen for their quality and finesse. The semi-combed thread gives it a non-uniform appearance, accentuates its softness and, in fine, gives it a casual style. Another characteristic of our cashmere is the loose knit technique which creates a very airy, lightweight, soft cashmere, like a second skin. Our iconic cashmere jumpers and cardigans, such as Mirka, Alma, Markus, Inna, Ida and Kanson, are updated each season. They adopt embroidery, embroidered sequins and intarsia. These artisanal techniques allow us to make exceptional pieces.

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