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New York Collection

New York City draws you in. Zadig&Voltaire uses this allure, almost magnetic pull, as inspiration for an urban, flowing wardrobe you’ll want to adopt, have fun with, creating looks to really spoil yourself.

This New York-inspired wardrobe is also a declaration: “I dress in Zadig&Voltaire because I love myself”. We create a look in the same way we would sketch a portrait. A self-portrait. The style matches your personality, and the only trend worth talking about is a trend which brings you closer to yourself, your dreams and desires. New York epitomises this freedom. Slogan T-shirts flaunt the message “J’ai rêvé d'amour” (I dreamt of love) and “LOVE NOW”, promises you make to yourself. Red galvanises you, whether just dashes here and there or as a total look. The Joslin skirt, Poetia trousers and Rabella dress are all options to bring out the real you. The N’Dricks boots, High Flash sneakers and Cecilia bag are not your standard accessories. They are selfish gifts you buy for yourself and which help you to love yourself even more. We snuggle up in the Alma jumpers or Rosany cashmere coat to face the world in comfort. We wander through the streets of the city with confidence. What makes us feel good makes us stronger. That’s our philosophy. Zadig&Voltaire offers us wellness and style, that’s all you need to love yourself!