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Zadig&Voltaire's women's wardrobe has one aim, freeing women from constraints so they can express themselves through style without limitations. No clothing that is holds them back or puts them in boxes, Zadig&Voltaire's ready-to-wear collection is versatile with each piece designed to be worn day and night.

Sometimes, a simple accessory can transform an outfit. Just a change of shoes or a handbag can turn a working girl into a party girl! The brand knows how to break free from trends to make every pantsuit, every jumper, every pair of jeans or trousers, and every dress or shirt inspire a personal look. Zadig&Voltaire does not impose a certain style; through the 'lifestyle' universe, it delivers what free spirits are looking for, empowering each person to dare to create the perfect look. The products' strengths are a combination of the beautiful texture, the wonderful feeling of wearing them and their unique style. This is the formula that makes the Zadig look chic and nonchalant, immediately recognisable and which empowers the wearer to live the brand's very apt motto: LOVE YOURSELF.

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