The Zadig&Voltaire Spring/Summer 2020 collection represents the union of two unique yet harmonious styles that resonate as one with Cecilia Bönström’s collaboration with Kate Moss. This synergy started before Kate Moss became a brand icon, before she signed on to design her own line of bags. Cecilia had Kate in mind from the conception of the collection, represented in her very first sketches for the season. Imaging not just the Kate Moss we know but the Kate of tomorrow and 2020.

This Spring/Summer 2020 Campaign, shot by Fred Meylan, reveals the collection in ‘Nocturne-Chic’ style. The house’s signature suit is revisited with a touch of modernity. Denim with a vintage aesthetic is accented with feminine details and mixed with Zadig&Voltaire’s signature knitwear. For the second consecutive season, the “Kate” bag completes the bold, contemporary collection, with new colors and prints. The chic heritage, 70’s inspired saddle bag silhouette, merging with the brand’s iconic nonchalant energy.

Like kindred spirits, Kate Moss and the label share a penchant for rock, an aesthetic free from rules where one’s clothes reveal one’s attitude. This season, Zadig&Voltaire and her muse, Kate Moss, manifest a contemporary rebellious elegance that is purer than ever.