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Women's festival clothing and looks

For the atmosphere, music, fresh air and spirit of freedom they radiate, festivals are places where style has a special place. As if entering this parallel universe required a particular look... Whether we’re taking part or simply borrowing the look, the Zadig&Voltaire wardrobe lends itself to the activity, with loose dresses featuring thin silk and lace straps, like the Risty dress; Western-style boots like the N’Dricks or the Tylers; bandana print scarves; sunglasses; tie-dye T-shirts and waistcoats; and sweatshirts and hoodies for cooler evenings ... The festival begins well before the music starts playing! Imagination and creativity are highly recommended here. We must dare to discover and love ourselves without fear. Zadig&Voltaire adorns us with leather, gold or steel, leopard print or sequins, to go off the beaten track with panache!

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