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Each time you gift a Zadig&Voltaire fragrance, it’s like an autograph directly on the skin, an infinitely personal message, which you may not be able to read but which you can feel, over and over again...this is what gives the fragrance meaning.

It's invisible–it dresses your aura. It's a gesture that makes you feel ready, on the skin, it's a touch of confidence, a dab on your neck or wrist, on your clothes, it's an instinctive way to make it yours. Zadig&Voltaire's perfume complements our ready-to-wear pieces and accessories with a chic nonchalance, an air of sassiness. This was embodied by the brand's first signature perfume, sold exclusively at Zadig&Voltaire: Volume 1 - Purity. Since then, we've created even more daring fragrances, such as THIS IS HER, THIS IS HIM. Gorgeous and unique, they make you shine!

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