This season, Zadig&Voltaire has collaborated with young american artist Bego Martin. Here she explains her inspirations behind the designs she developped for the Spring/Summer 2020 collection:

"I've been obsessed with extremely detailed and intricate drawings since as long as I can remember. This style has become the only thing that can keep me focused for hours. A few years ago I fell in love with the freedom, automatism and abstraction involved in drawing mandalas, which transforms the experience of creating into a very unveiling moment. I soon realized the strong connection between this symbol and inner feelings and emotions. Mandalas, one of the oldest forms of art expression, are believed to have healing powers. The own process of creation is guided by the most primitive instincts and the deepest emotions.

As for the skulls, I have always been fascinated by their wide symbolism, that ranges from the most ancestral traditions to the most rebellious rockinspired aesthetics. A skull can be reinterpreted into countless meanings and yet still be considered the most basic representation of humanity.

The three designs of this collection are born from unconsciousness and inner self expression, combining the intricacy of mandalas, folk art and natural motifs with the mysterious symbolism that surrounds the skull."