The Zadig style reflects the meeting of two minds: those of Cecilia Bonström and Thierry Gillier. These two trendsetters are partners in work and in life. Here, they give short yet honest answers about the other in this quick Q&A.

If you were a song?
T.G.: “Stand By Me”.
C.B.: “(I Can Get No) Satisfaction”. Because it’s The Stones, and because Thierry is never satisfied.

If you were a quote?
T.G.:  “Luxury is not a pleasure…pleasure is a luxury” (Francis Picabia)
C.B.: “To be or not to be” (William Shakespeare)

If you were a color?
T.G.: White – a frank, honest color, like her.
C.B.: Black, his favorite color.

If you were an animal?
T.G.: A butterfly. Cecilia always moves with grace and freedom, even when under pressure.
C.B.: A tiger, because he’s a fighter, and very fast.

If you were a gem?
T.G.: A precious stone… A black diamond.
C.B.: A moonstone for his feminine side, and because it’s a talisman, so a mystical stone that changes color when you look at it. Thierry is like that.

If you were a work of art?
T.G.: The Sleeping Muse by Brancusi for its mix of subtlety and strength.
C.B.: A piece by Richard Serra: imposing, minimalist, radical and compelling

If you were a monument?
T.G.: The Eiffel Tower, for its pure elegance, and because Cecilia has become a reflection of the quintessentially French woman.
C.B.: The Arc de Triomphe: its position and structure remind me of him. With Zadig, Thierry created something that is truly Parisian that, like the avenues around the Arc, emanates across the world.

If you were a fabric or a material?
T.G.: Cashmere, for its softness.
C.B.: Concrete. Thierry is tough at work, and you can always count on him. He is rectitude personified.

If you were a celebrity?
T.G.: Uma Thurman, her twins.
C.B.: Pompey the Great – his twins

If you were an alcohol?
T.G.: Cherry vodka.
C.B.: Sake – a pure alcohol, like Thierry’s vision of art and fashion. And because he loves Japanese cuisine.

If you were a book?
T.G.: Madame Bovary.
C.B.: Zadig ou la Destinée, obviously.

If you were one of the five elements?
T.G.: Water.
C.B.: That’s easy – fire!

If you were a fragrance?
T.G.: Patchouli.
C.B.: Rose. Even if he’s very masculine, Thierry also has a very feminine side.

If you were a movie?
T.G.: Any Woody Allen movie, for the humor.
C.B.: Rush, Ron Howard’s biopic on Niki Lauda. Lauda was a fighter, a man who believed in his convictions and went after what he wanted. Thierry has the same sense of loyalty, the same strength and faith in what he does.