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Men’s sweatshirts, hoodies

Zadig&Voltaire’s men’s sweatshirts have added style, combining cheek, chic and daring. For the studio, that’s still not enough. It’s in the sweatshirt’s DNA to make us feel good. That’s why the Hoodie is an essential in the male wardrobe. Its practical look, with the kangaroo pocket and hood, reflect a time when style is rooted in the freedom to be yourself, with no room for pretending to be what you’re not. The iconic Hoodie has also been reinvented by the brand in a warm and chic cashmere version, in two words: sumptuously offbeat.

Worn alone or with a suit jacket, it has increased elegance without losing its streetwear look. The round-neck sweatshirt is to softness and simplicity what sportswear was to the 20th century. But its contemporary style doesn’t mean it can’t have a slightly retro feel. Zadig&Voltaire adorns it with a message that is not just for show. Whether on a Sunday or at work, it’s good to feel good about yourself. Many of Zadig&Voltaire’s sweatshirts have the Made In VoltAIRe Respect label, which identifies products that are part of the VoltAIRe Programme.

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