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London Collection

Welcome to London, one of Zadig&Voltaire’s favourite cities. The city’s atmosphere and underground culture, full of creativity and vitality have inspired the feminine and sassiness of this collection. Discover bold dresses such as the electric blue Rimba Jac dress for a daring look from day to night.

The collection also introduces the new Rockyssime bag, made with lambskin leather for a delicate and soft feel. The bag features an oversized chain strap, which you can wear around your wrist like a bracelet, as an urban jewelry piece for an eccentric silhouette. The High Flash Gold sneakers add an extra touch to the look, they are the new essentials for wandering the streets with style and confidence. The multicolored, organic Georgia Mohair sweater is perfect for an elevated, comfortable outfit. The Texia and Pistol crinkled leather top and bottoms make for a total look of boldness and Rock’n’roll. The essence of the London Collection by Zadig&Voltaire is made of contrasts, a true celebration of the feminine yet unique style of the modern city girl.

Ranili ZV Dress

276 395 -30%

Portland Love Yourself Sweatshirt

105.00000000000001 150 -30%

Pomy Trousers

171 245 -30%

Rosaly Coat

405 675 -40%

Walk Blason T-shirt

54.00000000000001 90 -40%

Beyla Parka

287 575 -50%

Mirka Stars Cashmere Cardigan

315.00000000000006 450 -30%

Moore Cardigan

231 330 -30%

Out of stock

Troy Jacket

237 395 -40%

Out of stock

Tilan Peacock Silk Top

241 345 -30%

Out of stock

Leather Pants Poete Gold Foil

521 745 -30%

Out of stock

Tink Satin Tunic

203 290 -30%

Out of stock

Rayonne Satin Dress


Out of stock

Alma Amour Sweater

227 325 -30%

Out of stock

Rimba Silk Dress

447 895 -50%

Out of stock

Cici Patch Cashmere Sweater

224 320 -30%

Out of stock

Christy Silk Camisole

126 180 -30%

Out of stock

Zoe ZV New Blason T-shirt

66 95 -30%

Out of stock

Visit Strass Jacket

346 495 -30%

Out of stock

Rita Silk Dress

486 695 -30%

Out of stock

Moore Cardigan

198 330 -40%

Out of stock

Rockyssime Bag


Out of stock

Rafala Dress

197 395 -50%

Out of stock