The Christmas season is the ideal occasion for taking care of yourself, opting for the most gorgeous party wear and being more daring than anyone else, so as to be absolutely unforgettable! The good news is that the Zadig&Voltaire studio has been working tirelessly to make you look amazing and to create pieces that sparkle like jewels and are cut so as to hang perfectly, in fabrics that always feel so good to wear that you'll never want to take them off – not even at dawn!

Discover the Tummy black shirt, the Chill Velvet trousers or the Tino blouse for being the most dazzling of them all. For revealing your mischievous side, go for the Visko Velvet jacket in Cyclamen with matching shorts that are the last word in elegance yet don’t deny the kid inside every one of us who’s longing to have fun. The Rain and Ralf Glitter dresses really pull out all the stops – with them, there’s no chance of being a wallflower! And to accessorise your outfits, we’ve made our Kate Wallet and Rockyssime bags absolutely irresistible, in Silver, Sparkle and Metallic versions. LET’S CELEBRATE!

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