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Bags and swing your wings charms

Swing Your Wings

An iconic Zadig&Voltaire concept, the removable “Swing Your Wings” wings customise the Sunny and Rocky bags and Nano “Swing Your Wings” clutches, adding a sophisticated, personalised touch. 14 versions of the iconic wings are available: gold or metallic, diamanté or crystals, understated or jewelled. They clip on and off to match your looks, play with contrasts or complete a chic, unique outfit. These customisable styles will make fab gifts this festive season. Far from being set in stone, the Swing Your Wings bags and clutches will subtly complete looks and give you the intoxicating impression that, at any time, you can swap being sensible for a little craziness!

When you purchase a Swing Your Wings bag, Zadig&Voltaire gives you a free second pair of wings for a value of GBP 25, to choose from our selection!

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