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The new silhouette

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"The New Silhouette" by Zadig&Voltaire is an original reinterpretation of the looks to have come out this exceptional period. After being tucked up at "Home Sweet Home", we want to regain our freedom without giving up our comfort...

Inspired by fleece jogging trousers, such as the Steevy Trackpants, the brand has designed a look that transcends our usual comfy style to achieve a modern, urban and bold silhouette. With a nice Voltaire Strass or Zoe Tattoo T-shirt, a Vanille or Viva Strass jacket, a pair of High Flash sneakers or Empress boots, the Spencer photoprint sweatshirt, the ZV Initiale Belt-Bag or the City bag... there are so many options that go together to bring you inspiration and optimum comfort. To master the art of this "New Silhouette", the first rule is to mix genres, the second is to play with contrasts and the last is to pay attention to details! Discover the ideal wardrobe to make this post-cocooning look your own.