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Zadig&Voltaire has sought to explore duality since it was founded in 1997. Yet, the Parisian brand does not seek to instil difference, it unites and promotes balance. It does not distinguish between styles, genders or eras; it brings them together to create a unique product. This duality can be seen both at management level, where the brand’s founder and CEO Thierry Gillier works hand in hand with its Artistic Director Cecilia Bönström, and in the choice of their teams.

Duality and equality are an integral part of the brand’s internal policy, earning it a score of 98/100 in the French gender equality index for the financial year 2022-2023. Results that Zadig&Voltaire strives daily to improve.

The 99/100 score for 2022/2023 breaks down as follows: 39/40 for the pay gap indicator, 20/20 for the difference in rate of pay rises indicator, 15/15 for the difference in promotions indicator, 15/15 for the return after maternity leave indicator and 10/10 for the top ten earners indicator.


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