Our commitments

In the beginning...
Since its creation, Zadig&Voltaire has wanted to unite free spirits around common values and a style that reflects its aspirations. A free spirit does not mean carelessness or inconsistency. In 2021, the measures taken by the teams over time to create products with a lesser impact on the planet were brought together in a structured programme: the VoltAIRe Programme. The name reflects the programme’s main goal: protecting the air, our shared asset. Protecting the air also means preserving our art over time and our freedom to create.
By protecting the air, VoltAIRe, the brand, demonstrates its ambition to play a role, at its level, in combating air pollution and climate change and preserving biodiversity. Our goal is to drastically reduce the company’s environmental impact, while taking this opportunity to fuel its inspiration and creativity. Combining desirability and responsibility is our way of expressing our Socially-Committed Freedom.
The VoltAIRe programme marks the brand’s commitment to designing and developing products that can be loved, worn and passed on, which wear well over time and are made in a way that respects people and ecosystems. It is inclusive and aims to bring together all of the brand’s communities, teams, customers and partners.
Zadig&Voltaire’s approach is very positive, pragmatic and can be rolled out on a large scale. The VoltAIRe programme structures our actions over time to allow us to make progress each year. It is also a virtuous cycle as it involves every level of the company, every business line, all of our suppliers and, ultimately, our entire community.
Sustainable Development Governance
Sustainable development is a key part of our strategy and company plan, and concerns all of our business lines. This is reflected in the positioning of the Sustainable Development Department at the highest level within the organisation, reporting directly to the company CEO.
MANAGEMENT COMITTEE Zadig&Voltaire’s Management Committee is made up of 12 members representing the collection and various market departments, as well as cross-functional departments including Sustainable Development. During the weekly operational review, there is a CSR update.
CSR COMITE Created in 2021, the CSR Committee meets 4 times a year to discuss strategic directions and review the main projects structuring the brand’s sustainable development approach. It is made up of all members of the Management Committee and business line specialists based the projects discussed.