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“Zadig&Voltaire is a factory that produces design.” And therein lies the secret of the House – in a sensorial creative approach expressed first of all in its high standards regarding premium materials, including cashmere, in an exclusive loose knit, Japanese satin, and its meticulously crafted “blur”, and leather, crushed according to an exclusive technique.

Devilish detail is found in the lining of each jacket, in the delicate embroidery enhancing a weave, and in the versatile nature of bags perfect for day and night alike. Style is an integral part of Zadig&Voltaire’s expertise in the crafting of leather.

Pattern makers work to design pieces constituting a perfect fit. Cecilia Bonstrom, Artistic Director at Zadig&Voltaire, does all the fittings herself, employing her expert eye to correct the slightest details.

The strength of the product resides in the combination of pleasure to the touch, well-being and peerless style.

For each new collection, the studio merges fresh ideas with Zadig&Voltaire style, perpetuating its original vision. By constantly rewriting its history, it ensures a continuity with which Zadig&Voltaire identifies, its products having thus become timeless. The members of the “ZV Tribe” express themselves through these products by creating their own styles.

Feather cashmere

Feather cashmere is a thread specially designed by Zadig&Voltaire made up of long cashmere fibres selected for their quality and finesse. The semi-combed thread, conferring an irregular appearance, emphasises the softness of the material and ultimately projects a casual look. Zadig&Voltaire cashmeres also stand out through their loose-knit technique, giving them an airy feel, almost like a second skin.


A strength and signature of Zadig&Voltaire, intarsia is a modern and extremely complex knitting technique requiring lengthy production times. The complexity lies in the beauty of the pattern directly integrated into sweaters with no thickness or threads on the reverse side of the pattern.

Crinkled leather

Crushed leather is an exclusive Zadig&Voltaire expertise. Several days of work are required to cut and assemble the leather to craft shirts, jackets and trousers. It perfectly symbolises the House’s predilection for marrying opposites, combining softness with a crushed effect and creating a falsely neglected look.

Japanese satin

Japanese satin is woven with delicate and extremely fine threads. The result of a unique and complex production process, the material boasts incredible flow and lightness. It has a shiny aspect and feels similar to the silk used to craft the House’s dresses and camisoles. Easy to care for and wrinkle-free, it has become a sure-fire dependable.

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