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She wears her jewellery like so many stars, like promises of dreams, with her head in the clouds, gold in her eyes, a flash of lightning in her heart, around her neck, on her fingers or in her hair.

She wears her jewellery like the manifesto of rock’n’roll and romantic muses, incorrigibly rebellious and always sublime. Shining in the evening with rings, necklaces and earrings, each of the Zadig women wears the iconic lightning bolt and wing motifs, announcing almost everything she wishes to say; she is a rock’n’roll angel, embraced by light as she travels but with the noise and panache of a flash of lightning. Discover the new collection of jewellery by Zadig&Voltaire, little treasures of light that you can always carry with you, like a promise you take everywhere, day and night, like delicate companions from above in the streets of the city.