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14 February is a date not to be missed. To bring back the pleasure of this special day and preserveits authenticity,Zadig&Voltairehas a selection of pieces you can give, with an emphasis on high-quality materials that will bring warmth to their everyday. 

Zadig&Voltaire has a wide range of gifts for the man in our life. For Valentine’s Day, we have selected some unique and stylish pieces to tell him you love him. Give him an ultra-comfortable sweatshirt, a unique cashmere jumper, or a cool and casual T-shirt or shirt. Through beautiful materials, like leather, cashmere or merino wool, he will understand: nothing is too beautiful for him! A Fusion watch for making the most of time spent together, a ZV Initiale pouch so he can elegantly carry his documents wherever he goes, a pair of Flash sneakers for walking together hand in hand, or a cashmere hat or a cap to complete his look. It is the attention we give our loved one, in big or small things, that makes love last...forever!

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