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Dare to be bold, irreverent and why not, cheeky? Our t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and printed jumpers are a real manifesto of our values, telling of love, women and always, art and artists.

Stories of love at first sight, love and rock’n roll, women who say, “I don’t care” and “I love you” because they can and anyway it’s “Voltaire’s fault”. She’s a feminist, a rocker and a romantic. She wears her values close to her heart to proclaim them all the more loudly, and when she’s in love, she’s not afraid to say it out loud. She is a woman of today and a woman of tomorrow: beautiful, irreverent and a Voltaire devotee. Discover these unique pieces that have made Zadig&Voltaire so renowned and don the values of those rock ‘n’ roll, romantic artists who take us with them to the world of promised love.

Zoe Citation T-shirt

56.00000000000001 80 -30%

Zoe Citation T-shirt

56.00000000000001 80 -30%

Anya Women Boss T-shirt

56.00000000000001 80 -30%

Happy Amour Sweater

164.00000000000003 235 -30%

Toby T-shirt

42 85 -50%

Clash Cardigan

248.00000000000003 310 -20%

Ted T-shirt

70 100 -30%

Gwendal Bis Love sweater

133 190 -30%

Skinny Je T'aime T-shirt

59.00000000000001 85 -30%

Zoe ZV Blason T-shirt

72 90 -20%

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