Zadig&Voltaire has taken inspiration from current events, behaviours and their consequences. This approach has enabled it to create a new Zadig look that’s current, emancipated from the past and independent of the future. It is a reinterpretation of the looks that emerged during the pandemic, with an offbeat and ambivalent twist. The brand has centred this new silhouette around the ultra-comfortable fleece jogging trousers, where each piece, each detail, is of paramount importance.

"The New Silhouette" is above all a look that is as comfortable as what you would wear at home, except that you can go to work or out for a drink without having to completely change your outfit. Hoodies and jogging suits are no longer a reason to not go out. To help you avoid any faux-pas, Zadig&Voltaire has given you the keys to wearing this post-cocooning look! Just this once, the key piece is a good pair of fleece jogging trousers. But they are not to be paired with just any T-shirt or sweatshirt: choose one with a message, a photoprint or tags.

As for the jacket, it must stand out! Try a suit jacket over your sweatshirt or a denim jacket over your T-shirt... Stay comfortable, but accentuate contrasts. Finally, accessorise! The look goes equally well with a pair of trainers or a pair of boots. As in our photos, the "City ZV Initiale" bag adds a touch of glamour to play with contrasts.