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Dresses and skirts for women

Her dress like her silhouette which dances in the air, like a perfume following and surrounding her with its caress, as if she were dressed in a bouquet of wild flowers that coloured her heart forever. Short dresses that bare the lines of her legs, long skirts like a note you would not want to see extinguished – these are the symbols of her last summers: flowery dresses or skirts printed with a thousand colours and delicate patterns. A moth in a party dress and skirt, a satin skirt, a pleated skirt, a strapless lingerie-style dress, lace details … her dress is her muse’s secret, her stylistic ally and the perfume of her allure. Discover the new collection of dresses and skirts by Zadig&Voltaire, intended for rock’n’roll girls with a discreet, sensual elegance, whose indolent charm forever makes the hearts of romantic souls dance.

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