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High and low trainers for women

Zadig&Voltaire's sneakers are just what the modern woman needs. She is busy, her schedule full, running around the city all day, so our studio has designed these sneakers to make sure she can be both comfortable and stylish. High Flash are the brand's first sneakers, absolutely iconic, revealing impressive attention to detail–they're raised by 2.7 cm on the inside of the shoe for an elongated figure that is perfect with a trouser suit. They are all-rounders, perfect for daytime errands and night-time outings. The ZV 1747 and Blaze styles are just as attractive and embody Zadig&Voltaire's contemporary and nonchalant look. The Wave sneakers are decidedly urban, available in grey or neon yellow. Zadig&Voltaire has so many sneaker designs that you're bound to find the one that perfectly complements your look and be truly stylish in sneakers!

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