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Women's clothing collaboration band of sisters

Zadig&Voltaire and the organisation Band Of Sisters have joined forces for the second year running to collaborate on a creative and original capsule inspired by their shared values: feminism, solidarity and empowerment.

This casual collection with its palette of pop shades features T-shirts, a Tigy shirt and a Ranil dress in white cotton, both embroidered on the back, fleece tracksuits, and sweatshirts that can be playfully teamed with a denim safari jacket, a silk and lace top and a black or leopard-print bucket hat. Three drawings by illustrator Natacha Paschal bring a vibrant, vocal exuberance to this capsule. Embroidered slogans emblazoned like mantras on our favourite pieces offer daily encouragement.  “Stronger Together”, “Sisterhood”, and “Powerful”: the sisters are still breaking down doors!

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