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Zv monogrammed bags and clothes

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Zadig&Voltaire revisits the codes of 70's fashion. Available on a line of leather goods & accessories, the ZV monogram is featured on bags, wallets and sneakers.

It is also proudly displayed on the ready-to-wear pieces of the Fall / Winter 2020 fashion show capsule collection, as a true manifesto of the Zadig creativity.

Clutch ZV Initiale La Clutch Monogram

224.00000000000003 320 -30%

Tasche ZV Initiale le belt bag

236.00000000000003 295 -20%

Sneakers ZV1747 High Flash Monogram

227.00000000000003 325 -30%

Trägertop Christy Jac ZV

150.00000000000003 215 -30%

Rock Joslin Jac ZV

227.00000000000003 325 -30%