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Digital accessibility

What is digital accessibility ?

Digital accessibility is about considering the needs of people with disabilities when designing digital products and services (websites, apps, etc.).

Accessibility standards consider the needs of people with impaired vision, hearing, motor skills, or intellectual, cognitive or mental capacity.

Checking that a website complies with the French Référentiel général d'amélioration de l'accessibilité (RGAA) accessibility standard is about ensuring that the online service being assessed is compatible with the assistance technologies used by disabled people. Examples include a screen reader and/or Braille display for blind people, a voice-operated system for people with motor disabilities, etc.

An accessible website allows people with disabilities to easily access its content and functionalities. For example, an accessible site makes it possible to:

●    Browse using a voice synthesiser and/or Braille display (used in particular by blind and partially sighted people);

●    Customise the display of the site to suit your needs (increasing font size, changing the colours, etc.);

●    Browse without using the mouse (using only the keyboard, via a touchscreen, by voice control or any other suitable accessory).

To achieve this, the site must comply with the standards that are in force when it is developed and updated.

Declaration of accessibility

Here at ZV FRANCE, we take particular care to ensure that our online services are accessible to as many people as possible, in accordance with Article 47 of Act no. 2005-102 of 11 February 2005 and international recommendations on digital accessibility (WCAG 2.1 levels A and AA).

This accessibility statement applies to the website, which is to be rendered accessible gradually during the first half of 2024.

An approach conducive to optimum accessibility

ZV FRANCE galvanised all of its teams to achieve optimum accessibility of its services portal so as to meet the expectations of its web users, whether or not they have a disability.

With an approach based on the RGAA reference framework ( ), the website will be optimised to feature, not least:

●    A web style guide with improved contrast (text and interface elements);

●    Information not conveyed by colours alone;

●    Sufficient visibility and contrast of the focal point when using the keyboard;

●    Logical keyboard navigation patterns;

●    Optimisation of interface size by up to 200% without loss of information;

●    Multilingual management of all content and functionalities;

●    Technical elements (menus, search function, tabs, etc.) that have been brought into line with the standards;

●    A properly-structured site and content structure that meets the standards;

●    Accessibility in all that it has to offer;

●    Training for all project teams.

Compliance status

Currently, the Zadig&Voltaire website ( does not comply with RGAA version 4.1.2, since there are no valid audit results to measure compliance with its 106 criteria. The areas that do not comply are currently being addressed. This means that the contents of this accessibility statement will be updated regularly.

Test results

In the absence of a compliance audit, there are no test results.

The drawing-up of this declaration of accessibility

This declaration was drawn up on 16 October 2023.

Technologies used to develop the website:

●    HTML 5

●    CSS 3

●    SVG

●    Javascript

User agents, assistance technologies and tools used to check accessibility.

The web page tests were carried out using the following combinations of web browsers and screen readers:

●    Voiceover + Safari on osX 12.5 and iOS 16

●    Firefox 114 + NVDA 2022.3 on Windows 10

●    Firefox 114 + Jaws 2021

The following tools were used for the assessment:

●    Color Contrast Analyser

●    Web Developer Toolbar

●    Axe

●    Arc Toolkit

Pages of the site that will be checked for compliance:

  1. Homepage (

Menu et Burger Menu

2.      Terms and conditions (

3.      Privacy policy (

4.      Join us (

5.      Contact (

6.      FAQ (

7.      Woman Collection (

8.      Jacket Lyssa (

9.      My account (

10.   Change my informations (

11.   Cart

12.   Checkout (create / connect to my account - Shipping - Payment – Confirmation order)

Compensation entitlement

Under Article 11 of the Act of February 2005, disabled people are entitled to compensation for the consequences of their disability, whatever the cause and nature of their impairment, their age or their lifestyle.

This means that all organisations are under an obligation to take the necessary steps to provide access, within a reasonable timeframe, to the information and functionalities sought by disabled people. This applies regardless of whether the content is covered by an exemption.

Feedback and contact

If you are unable to access any content or service, you may contact the ZV FRANCE website controller, who can direct you to an accessible alternative or give you the content in a different format.

Appeal procedures

Such a procedure should be used in the following scenario:

You have notified the Digital Accessibility Officer of an accessibility problem that is preventing you from accessing the ZV FRANCE website or any of its content and you have not received a satisfactory response.

Send a message to the Human Rights Defender: https://formulaire.defenseurdesdroits.

Contact the Human Rights Defender's representative for your region:

Send a letter (free of charge, do not affix a stamp) to the following address: Défenseur des droits - Libre réponse 71120 - 75342 Paris CEDEX 07